Kambo Certification with Victor Escobar and Natasha Devi

AUGUST 3rd-8th & JUNE 7th-12th • 9 am-7 pm

8000 SW 68 Terrace • Miami, Florida 33144

This training is for those with little to no experience applying Kambo. It is a beginner training that will provide those who graduate with the knowledge, skills, and experience to confidently apply Kambo medicine ceremonially. Upon graduating this program, they will receive:

1) Certification from Kambo Frog Detox
2) A listing on our website as a qualified Kambo practitioner
3) An invitation to serve Kambo as a practitioner of Kambo Frog Detox
4) A starter medicine kit
5) Regular access to Kambo medicine harvested by the Matsés.

Kambo Foundation Practitioner Certifications entail a total of three separate modules which summarize foundational elements and train to safely and effectively apply Kambo.

It’s tailored towards individuals who hear the healing call of the Kambo and is drawn by an inward desire to practice and heal using this unique medicine from the Amazon. It’s a certification program for those who wish to become a practitioner with the Kambo Foundation/Kambo Frog Detox and hold the highest integrity for the medicine and application of the medicine.

The application of Kambo requires skill, knowledge, experience, integrity, mindfulness and a deep understanding of this powerful medicine. A trained practitioner will understand whether or not to treat the recipient first and foremost, where and how much to apply the medicine for optimal treatment, and they will have been trained in techniques that enable them to assess this. They are also trained to minimize the possibility of problems and never go beyond the limits of their ability.

During the Kambo treatment, there is a transfer of energy from the practitioner to the recipient. The practitioner will understand how this process works and how to ensure that only clean and positive energy is passed on.

Another important consideration is aesthetics. Trained practitioners will have studied the techniques to enable them to make the access points on the skin, known as gates, with minimum pain and scarring. They will also understand the different types of points that are suitable for different parts of the body.
Finally, with the knowledge and experience that is acquired during and after the training, a properly trained practitioner will be able to make the most of Kambo medicine on a physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic level.

For more information contact Neal Henegar 386.334.3688