Miami | South Florida

Enjoy a top quality healing experience with Kambo Frog Detox at Treehouse Acupuncture under the healing hands of the one and only Christina Casado.

Delray Beach | South Florida

Book an appointment with the Founder of Kambo Frog Detox, and a master healer who has dedicated his life, practice, and career towards unlocking the happiest you.

St. Augustine | North Florida

Experience healing and empowerment from an accomplished speaker, teacher, female empowerment coach and founder of HoopYogini and Bhakti Boogie Yoga.

Miami | South Florida

Experience Detoxification, Transformation & Empowerment with Kambo Frog Detox in Bonita Springs with Christy Lecuyer.


Enjoy incredible healing from a master acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and Kambo practitioner

Christina Casado is highly celebrated healer and founder of Treehouse Acupuncture: a boutique healing center near the heart of Miami.

Dr. Christina M. Casado, A.P. is a Florida-Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Certified Chinese Medical Herbalist. She is a student of Japanese acupuncture master Kiiko Matsumoto and travels annually to Japan and China to expand her healing proficiencies.


Decades of experience, training, and restorative practice brings you unparalleled healing

As a healer, Neal has over 27 certifications in various modalities from shamanism, to Chinese/ Ayurvedic medicine to studying world music and the crafting of Native American instruments to connect with communities around the world.

As a life coach, he incorporates his Merkaba and sacred geometry certifications, Supreme Science Qi Gong, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance, Thai Yoga Massage courses and Phytochemical nutrition to transform the lives of his apprentices. Neal Henegar’s deep dedication to his work has allowed him to be a scholar of many systems.


Release blocks,
win big, grow in your power, and up-level your life with a global healer

Jocelyn Gordon is a world traveling mama, dance enthusiast, and peaceful birth advocate. As a Women’s Health Coach specializing in Pre-Conception Preparation, Jocelyn helps women and couples up-level their health and consciousness before conception and during pregnancy.

She’s also the creatress of two ecstatic embodiment practices that merge yoga with dance, prayer and mindfulness meditation—HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga. She teaches internationally, mentors her instructor tribe of over 100 HoopYoginis and navigates the waves of householding, child-raising and entrepreneurship.

Receive guidance on Conscious Conception and connect with Jocelyn on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.


Love is what we make with our own hands

Christy lecuyer practices the embodiment of the empowered sacred feminine. Her calling is to hold space for each community she is involved with and build tribe using modalities such as yoga, meditation, bodywork, empowerment workshops, goddess gatherings, sacred transformational programs, and indigenous ceremonies. She facilitates non-judgment, acceptance and love as a source to hold space for deep healing in the communities that she works within to ultimately help create a positive shift on the planet.

Christy is known for her uplifting playful nature, planting of spiritual seeds as she teaches, creative sequencing and leading every class/ workshop/ ceremony to be an experience of deep connection, awakening and healing. Her message speaks of self love, empowerment and inspiration.

Mudita is her expression. Mudita is a quality of rejoicing in the joys of others. Showing up for others and genuinely appreciating their happiness and transformation as if we are experiencing the joy ourselves.

She is a E-RYT, YACEP, mentor and public figure. She is dedicated to her purpose and in that dedication is continually seeking out wisdom through the exploration of the yogic path, spiritualism, and wellness. To unite community and hold space for transformation and healing is a passion of hers and a desired path that she is strongly rooted in.