Cumaru: Clarity | Amazonian Snuff (Rapé)

Cumaru: Clarity | Amazonian Snuff (Rapé)


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Cumaru rapeh or rapé comes from the Paka of the Katukina tribe of the Amazonian regions of Brazil.

This Cumaru strand of rapeh focuses on clarity of the mind. They say, “Cumaru clears the head of thoughts, opens the crown center and promotes subtle levels of concentration and perception.”

Traditionally, in terms of its medicinal use, this strand of rapeh has been used to treat flus, colds, and bronchitis.

The rapeh available from the Kambo Frog Detox shop has been sourced directly from a Katukina village, blessed by the tribesmen therein.

Ingredients: Rapeh, with Cumaru tree ash from Brazil.

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