What Kambo is like
(and what to expect)

Once arriving to the Kambo ceremony location, and have prepared your space with a mat and blanket and pillow, your practitioner will begin speaking over the events that will follow. They will also share the history of Kambo with you and often also will recount various experiences and unique anecdotes to further flesh out your understanding of the experience you are soon to encounter.

1. The Beginning

After the explanation is complete, and all participants are situated, a ceremonial use of Amazonian tobacco snuff will be offered. This snuff, called Rapeh by indigenous peoples, is used to clear space, center oneself, and is the final pyshical preparation prior to the application of Kambo: the secretion of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog of the Amazon rainforest.

2. The Application

The practitioner will then come beside you and create several points, or ‘gates’ and with a small, flaming twig. It produces a mild, stinging sensation and opens the skin to allow for the Kambo secretion to enter the body. Then, once all the points or ‘gates’ have been created on the body, the Kambo is applied to each gate.

3. The Sensation

Once the Kambo is applied, you will immediately begin feeling a sense of heat increasing throughout the body. This is often accompanied by an increase of heart rate and a pressure in the head and ears. These sensations will increase until a peak where cramps may exist and further discomfort and a sense of coldness of stiffness may exist in the extremeties of the body. It is roughly at this time that purging of the digestive system and bowels may begin. Receptacles for vomit are provided, and assitance is provided for those who may need to use the restroom. Not longer after purging, the Kambo will be removed from the ‘gates’ and the sensation caused by the secretion will subside.



A feeling of calm and sleepiness tends to overcome the participant after the purging has finished and the secretion has been removed. A feeling of strength, fearlessness and capability often accompanys the sense of completion that is met at the end of the sensation of Kambo.


Prepare for the Ceremony

Before-Day Preparations:

• Avoid salt and salty food for approximately 10 to 12 hours prior to application.
• Arrive with an empty stomach. Eat your last meal roughly 4 to 5 hours prior to the ceremony.
• Eat healthily leading up to the event; as much as possible.
• Hydrate very well throughout the days coming up to the event.
• Try to rest very well the previous night.

What to Bring to the Ceremony:

• A mat or yoga mat to set up yourself in place.
• A couple of individual blankets to be warm in case your body temperature shifts.
• A couple of pillows to change positioning during the cermony session.
• An extra set of clothes. This is in case you sweat and want to change before leaving.
• Water; roughly a gallon or two.
• A healthy snack.

Please, coming up to the event, start meditating on your intention for the healing. This sacred natural medicine helps gets rid of inflammation, resets the immune system, aligns the chakras, seals the electromagnetic field, and protects along with various additional benefits which you will be experiencing.

You can start your prayer from now on to align yourself with your Higher Self.

Infinite Blessings, and looking forward to seeing you soon!

– The Kambo Frog Detox Team